SEO vs SEM. Which is better?

Jun 29
min read

There is no exact answer for this. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and focuses on increasing organic traffic with more visibility and creating a trusted branding. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and focuses on search engine advertisement like Google Ads.

You can think SEO like a marathon and SEM like a sprint race. SEO requires more time to accomplish but the results stand longer duration. On the other hand, SEM results are nearly instant but stops when you stop giving ads.

What about the PPC conversion rates?

PPC (Pay Per Click or SEM) offers way more conversions if done well. Continues optimization and targeted audience will help boost sales while having low costs.

Google Ads is the most used SEM service and as Sirkhet, we offer our expertise to utilize the best outcome for your ads. Our ROAS (Return on ad Spend) results are awesome in every type of business regardless it’s B2B or B2C.

You can’t win the PPC game without proper analytics.

Having a great return and conversions on goals depends on continues optimization on ads. To achieve this, you need to have a great goal setting in Google Analytics. When we start our service in Google Ads, we also offer Google Analytics (or Google Tag Manager option included) goal audit and setting as an add-on.

This all-around approach helps our customers to see what they spend and achieve in a blink of an eye. Our custom reporting service is also helping them to schedule reports they want to see.

Let us help you increase your sales with Google Ads!

As Sirkhet, we are eager to help you increase your conversions and sales. Our lead generation or conversion champions are ready to set your business to next level. Let’s connect and win the digital game!

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